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Land Planning

Planning is a dynamic process of discovery. It entails translating a client's vision into a development strategy, providing a framework in which having a clear, well-thought-out and well-delineated vision at the onset of an assignment is critical to a project’s strategic success and long term sustainability. Before anything happens, existing communities, key stakeholders, public officials, land owners, property developers and design consultants must define a vision that anticipates how a real estate endeavor will positively change the status quo. Visioning is not a roadmap – that's the purpose of planning – but rather a set of defined goals and expectations stated in a clear and simple way to describe why the project deserves to exist.

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Sustainable Planning Historical/Brownfield Re-use
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A successful visioning process results from answering some basic, but critical questions. What is the anticipated end result? Who will the end users be? How will they thrive in the places we help create? How will people, environment and economy benefit in the short-term and the long-term? What will the legacy of this project be? The point being, a planning and design process starts from a series of ideas and goals that focus on results.

Sustainable Planning Historical/Brownfield Re-use

Sustainability serve the three basic needs of a healthy community: Economic Strength & Growth: Protection of the Environment; and the health and welfare of the people in that community.  Sustainable design is not just Green design, but design that lessens the burden on the economy and improves the lives of people.


There are site and funding opportunities in Pennsylvania for transforming abandoned idle properties into economic opportunities.  The use of historical structures can mean adopting adaptive reuse as part of an economic growth strategy.  We can help your community integrate the fabric of preserving historic buildings with economic sustainability. 

Master Planning Concept Design

The master plan provides the framework for the implementation of complex projects.  Lexis has the experience and imagination to thoughtfully balance the requirements of the development program with the essential nature of the site in order to successfully guide the phased realization of a client’s vision.

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